Saturday, May 5, 2012

Small Cute Tattoo Design

Small tattoos are often placed on girls who are being inked for the first time. These types of tattoos can be simple or intricate, and lend themselves well to placement on smaller parts of the body like the foot, wrist and ankle. . Small does not have to mean boring, these mini works of art can be quite colorful and unique if careful planning for designs are involved.
What makes foot tattoo a favorite tat theme among girls despite the fact that they are painful and may require touch ups in the future? Well, if they come out well, they're amazing accent and can be a joy forever. There is just something sexy and interesting about a tattoo peeking out of one's stiletto or flip flops.
The popularity of wrist tattoos among girls has led to many interesting ideas being executed in ink . There is the bracelet style of wrist tats with such images as flowers, Celtic knot bands and charm bracelet. A tattoo on the top of the wrist is usually the most visible, and can often extend onto the arm or hand and sizes can range in size from small to very large. Tattoos on the inner wrist are extremely popular since they are less visible than other tats and can easily be hidden when desired..

Ankle tattoos are another great option for small tattoos for girls since it can come out trendy and stylish. Its located at the shapely part of the female body, the ankle can be a great place for a little tattoo. It can be highlighted by wearing high heels or sandals and can really draw attention to a girl's legs.

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