Sunday, May 6, 2012

Core 150™ Personalised Promotional Protein Shaker Cup

Core 150 is getting ready to revolutionise the way supplement companies and manufacturers promote their protein powders giving them greater freedom when it comes down to branding and packaging. Core 150 is the only protein shaker in the world that permits promotion of your powder on 3 dispensable compartments held inside the shaker bottle. Promote new products, inspire sales of different flavours, and guarantee your name is recognized the bodybuilding and sporting world over.

One of the good things (and there are plenty) about the Core 150 is that it’s been built with both consumer usability and brand promotion in mind. Customers will be in a unique position to try many different flavours of protein and other performance products thanks to the innovative design of Core 150. Where it is online or in a high street store the consumer will be in no doubt of what product he/she is sampling as your your brand name and logo can be embossed across the lid of the powder compartments.

The disposable form filled sealed compartments are designed to simply snap off making for a very handy technique to showcase a number of different products. You can select for the outer surrounding of the Core 150 to be printed with your brand name leaving buyers in no doubt as to what they can anticipate finding inside. Core 150 is also patent and design protected so you get the additional reassurance that you are using a promotional product that is protected, innovative and unique.

When you’re looking for a new way to promote your protein powders or performance based products the Core 150 could be the perfect solution. Whether you are arranging a seminar, exhibition, in-store promotion, or you have got an online storefront, you can be absolutely certain that you will get maximum impact when you use the Core 150 for your branding. In addition to branding of the throwaway containers you also get lifelong branding on the re-usable centrepiece as well as your logo placed on the outside of the cup, and thanks to the robust construction of those items, you can be sure your name will be on view for many years.

Core 150 helps you to take product sampling and promotion to a whole new level. If you’ve got a new product launch in the pipeline, Core 150 will help you bring your product to market quickly and effectively directly into the hand of your target market. The bodybuilding supplement industry is heavily competitive and Core 150 is probably the most inventive and creative way in which to promote a product since shaker cups began.

Personalised shaker cups are the final statement of how much you value your consumer and by providing the best protein shaker and shaker bottle your consumer will take note that you do in fact value them as a consumer as apposed to giving them a cheap shaker bottle.

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