Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emma Watson, "Tramp Stamp" Tattoo in Short-Shorts

The Harry Potter actress added a touch of glamour with having a temporary tattoo done.

Clad in Daisy Dukes, a bra top, a leather jacket and high heels, the Harry Potter starlet, who turns 22 Sunday, flashed a large temporary tattoo across her tailbone -- body art that is most commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp."

Actress Emma Watson had heads turning with her new rebellious look on the set of "The Bling Ring." The 22-year-old actress flaunted a "tramp stamp" tattoo, a bralette top, denim shorts and stiletto heels while filming scenes in Venice Beach.

Emma Watson's tramp stamp tattoo garnered the most attention, as many fans debated whether the ink was real or not.

Watson was photographed baring a large and ornate lower-back tattoo, with orange and red flames. Fans worried that the "Harry Potter" star had gone and inked herself for real. "

Here are the other Emma Watson Temporary Tattoo:

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