Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japanese Tattoo Designs For Guys

Japanese Tattoo Designs For Guys
A lot of men are looking for some unique tattoo designs. They often get flames, skulls, daggers, and pinup models as tattoos. However, Japanese sleeve tattoos have recently emerged into the industry, and many men and women both all around the world have taken an interest. Men in particular appreciate sleeve Japanese tattoo designs. They are cool and look great on arms. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right full sleeve design.
Dragon designs
Of course, dragons are always popular in every culture. However, Japanese dragons have a distinct appearance and look unique as tattoos. A fierce blabk or red dragon is the ideal tattoo for guys, especially if it looks like it's getting ready to breathe fire down on a person! This creature is very mystical that has a lot of lore surrounding it. The symbolism is strength, might, and power.
The koi fish

These are popular Japanese tattoo designs that men and women both can appreciate. This fish is extremely popular and highly respected. It can be painted in a beautiful bright orange color with bright blue waves in the background. This design is very popular for sleeve tattoos. You can have the fish wrapped around your arm for a dimensional look.
So, what does the koi fish represent? It represents strength, independence, and the struggle to make something of oneself. This fish, according to myths, always tries to swim upstream. Only a few of them ever make it to the top, but those that do are rewarded and made into dragons, at which point they will fly away and never look back. This is a cool idea for a tattoo if you want others to think you are thoughtful and emotional. Everybody will be impressed when you explain the deep symbolism behind koi fish Japanese tattoo designs.
The Samurai
When most guys think of Japanese tradition and culture, the Samurai is one of the first things to come to mind. As such, it's not surprising that they are often depicted in tattoo art. Some of the designs show the Samurai fighting off evil spirits. Some simply depict a Samurai in armor, holding his sword and looking fierce. Either way, the tattoo design will look cool on you.
Samurais are such popular elements in Japanese tattoo designs because the warrior is seen to represent everything that is important to Japanese men. This warrior is very strong and fierce and carries the culture proudly. He follows the bushido codes and will do whatever it takes to fight and die proudly.
Hannya masks
The Hannya masks are frightening, tragic, and mysterious all at once. This symbol was once used in Kabuki plays. It was seen as being so haunting that it became a standalone work of art. Some people even believe that they can be used to protect a home or person from evil spirits. The Hannya mask is that of a scorned woman who has become overcome by so much rage that she has turned into a fierce, frightening demon. Some people finding the images to be creepy or even disturbing; nevertheless, the Hannya mask is very popular when it comes to Japanese tattoo designs. It can be made into a full sleeve tattoo when combined with other designs and symbols.

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