Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heart and Love Tattoos

Heart and Love Tattoos :
1. In Loving Memory Tattoo.

One option is to have an "in loving memory tattoo" based around a heart design. This is usually the perfect design option for someone in your life whom you've loved and who has now passed on. I've seen great "in loving memory tattoo" heart designs on both men and women, and they all came off as powerful tats.

2. Romance.

This can be a real slippery slope as there are plenty of tattoo cover up jobs of heart tattoos which had a romantic others name placed over the heart in some form such as a banner. It probably sounded like a great thing to do at the time, but in reality, relationships do often end.

Now having said that, on the other hand if you do have a true love which you believe will be around forever, then a love tattoo can be the perfect straight forward symbol of permanent union.

3. Love in General.

Heart and love tattoos are probably best when they signify someone in your life whom you truly love, as more of a lifelong friend as opposed to an intimate lover. Lifelong friends can include relatives as well as best friends. They can also include pets. Actually a heart and love tattoo can be great symbol of your love for a pet you own or have owned in the past.

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