Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To Become a Tattoo Artist

The rising popularity of the tattooing all around the world as a way to decorate the body has opened up the way for many people to get a new and demanding career as a tattoo artist. In this article you can find information on how to become a tattoo artist.
The art of tattoo is not something that can be learned in a short time. It requires some drawing and painting skills, patience and a lot of practice which may take years to develop. Because as an artist, you draw and paint on the bodies of your clients permanently. During this process, in the case of a slightest mistake, there is no chance for return and deletion. This art requires the drawing and painting of the designs on the body without any mistakes with complete perfection.
In order to become a tattoo artist, exercising drawing and painting skills will be a good first step. You can get assistance from books, courses and other tattoo artists. The more you develop your drawing skills, the more successful you will be in your new career. Starting from easy designs to relatively difficult ones, practicing how to draw until you develop your own style will help you in your career in the future.
It is not something that can be learned through schools or courses. There are not institutions devoted for the educations of tattoo artists. From time to time some courses can be opened by some parlors but of course it is hard to become a tattoo artist in such a short time with just the basic tattooing information they provide.

Traditionally they got their skills through apprenticeship which is a great way to get intense training about how to do tattoos and valuable knowledge about the tattoo business. You can ask the tattoo artists in your neighborhood that you want to work with them for free. Once accepted to work with them, you can get your first step to the world of tattoo business and learn everything about tattooing in the stage.
There are some difficulties of the free intense training; you will not get paid and you can be asked to do things like cleaning and dusting rather than tattooing. Indeed the performance you show on these type of work will give clues about th dedication and motivation you carry. A test upon how eager and hard worker you are to do things necessary for success. This is how the mechanism of apprenticeship works for thousands of years!
As you continue to prove yourself, you will learn many skills from the master artist, such as how to safely clean your equipment, how to operate a tattoo machine, how to adjust your power supply, how to protect yourself and your clients from disease, and most importantly how to correctly apply a tattoo. You are not limited to only gaining knowledge from your teacher; you can also spend time learning from other artists as well.

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