Friday, September 23, 2011

Flower tattoo designs

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Flower tattoo designs are very pretty and feminine. Thus, mostly when a woman chooses to have inked, she prefers a flower tattoos design and style for her. In addition to feminine appeal, there is a great selection of style that is available. These flower tattoos can be small and complex or you can pick them to be huge, colorful, eclectic and bold. Commonly the flower tattoos on foot and ankle are elegantly made.

Women wish to pick single flower tattoos on foot, but a chain of flower tattoos also makes a amazing sight. Flower tattoo designs are not only well-known among women, but tattoos like the Hawaiian flower tattoo designs, are also famous amongst men. These are blended with tribal tattoo designs or with skull, daggers and crosses when formed on men. If a women picks to get a larger tattoo made, these flower tattoos are merged with vines, ladybugs, butterflies and hummingbirds to add the added zing.

Among the flowers that are created, roses have a significant position. They are also the oldest and most favorite flower patterns. To each his own, roses have a distinctive implication. But we will check out the traditional symbolism connected to roses. Roses were characterized with the Goddess Aphrodite for the Greeks and Romans and thus, it indicates love and charm. Whilst for the Christians, roses signify the Virgin Mary, the ancient Egyptians used roses to worship Goddess Isis, who stood for an ideal mother and wife.

The most preferred among roses are the red roses. They denote love and romance, at the same time they also stand for daring. The pink color is always looked at as feminine. Pink rose tattoos symbolize grace and acceptance. If you want to get a tattoo created, which will stand for everlasting love and purity, then you should get a white rose formed on yourself. Rosebuds on the other hand mean elegance and youth.

Cherry blossom tattoo designs are an significant part of flower tattoos for girls. They are thought to be very feminine tattoo-design. In China, cherry blossom tattoo inks denote feminine beauty and love. On the other hand, in Japan, they aptly express the transience of life, as cherry blossoms bloom for a very short time period. 

The other common flower tattoos are those of the lily flower. Usually, a lily flower stands for gracefulness. However, there are several distinctive varieties of lilies and lily tattoos. The significance of lily tattoo designs mean different in different traditions. In the medieval times, a lily stood for innocence, while in ancient Egypt, a lily signified fertility. Tiger lilies stand for pride and prosperity, orange lilies mean hatred, whereas on the other hand, the calla lily stands for elegance.

Lotus flower tattoo designs are a preferred with various people, because of their significance. The significance of a lotus flower lies in where it grows. It floats on muddy water; similarly, lotus tattoo indicates pureness, which is floating on the dirty water called society. In India and China, spiritual awakening is depicted by a lotus. It is also noticed in Japanese tattoo designs, but the meaning of which is unclear.

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