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Samoan Tattoo Designs

The art of tattooing is an ancient practice. In fact, uncovered mummies show that it has been in practice for thousands of years already. So while the modern designs are also cool, it might be a good idea to revisit the old traditions to rediscover great body art ideas. One great find from the past are Samoan tattoo designs.
And when these ancient designs are combined with the modern equipments of today, and influenced by some modernization, the result can be a breathtaking tattoo design. And to help you understand better why Samoan tattoo designs are epic, here is a close look at its origin:
A Brief History
Samoan tattoo designs are believed to have been developed around 2,000 years ago in the lands of Polynesia. In the country, there resides an ancient ethnic group called Samoans which are known for their lust for tattooing. And for some reason, their heritage in body art survived until today.
According to the legend of the Samoan tribe, the art of tattooing was introduced to them by two women named Teama and Tilafaiga. And since then, it had flourished and became part of their culture and tradition. In the tribe, both men and women get the tattoo.

A Symbol Of Status
Along the history of the Samoans, the art introduced by Taema and Tilafaiga became a way to show an individual's status in society. Generally, the larger and the more elaborate the design, the higher is the status of the person wearing it. But gender-wise, men always seem to have bigger tattoos than women.
Also, the art of tattooing became almost a necessity among the males of the ethnic group. It is said that as soon as the boy's body is assumed to have stopped growing, the tattooing ceremony would begin. Later in Samoan history however, this privilege became secluded to the royalty.
A Rich Variety
Alright, so what makes Samoan tattoo designs attractive to the modern tattoo enthusiast? First of all, the striking variety in designs is stunning. There are so many patterns to choose from and each one of them is elaborate and beautiful.
Also, one feature of the Samoan tattoo design is that it covers a large portion of the body. It can run across the back and down to the knee and also around the arms. Although of course, the extent of the tattoo is subject to the person's taste and choice.
So if you are looking for a great new idea in body art and tattooing, you know that Samoan tattoo designs will make a sophisticated and unique choice. It may be old and ancient, but its long life is only a testimony of its success and its patronage by many people.

Get Thousands of Ideas For a Tattoo

The earliest tattoo in recorded history can be found in Egypt around the time of the building of the great pyramids, although without a doubt tattooing was practised as long ago as 12,000 BC. The art of tattooing spread rapidly with the expansion of the Egyptian Empire, with Crete, Greece, Arabia And Persia among many civilisations to pick up and expand the art form. Around 2000 BC it spread to China and eventually most of the world.
Tattoos were popular among many ethnic minorities in ancient Chinese times, But among the ethnic majority ( The Han Chinese ),Tattoos were mostly associated with criminals, bandits and gangsters, where these undesirables would be branded with a tattoo. In many other cultures tattoos were used to visibly mark or brand criminals, convicts, slaves or outcasts, and of course the most infamous use of tattoos for identification and degradation was by the Nazis against the Jews.
Tattoos have always played an important role in ritual and tradition. For Example: Rights of passage - A ritual marking a persons progress from one status to another. Ceremonies for puberty, Coming of age, Marriages and deaths. Religious ceremonies such as baptism or confirmation. Decorations for bravery. Talismans for protection, to name but a few.
Western tattooing has it's roots in Polynesia the "Tatau" having been discovered by eighteenth century explorers. The Tatau becoming a favourite adornment of European sailors before spreading to western societies in general. In fact many seafairers became tattooed to enable identification if they were unlucky enough to drown. So, many tattooists set up shop to practice their craft at sea ports where there was no shortage of customers. Tattooists still thrive in naval ports today as sailors in the royal Navy are quite partial to tattoos.

Tattoos are also used for cosmetic purposes to hide or camouflage skin discolorations and blemishes, even to cover up old unwanted tattoos, especially (as in the case of many celebrities) after a divorce or separation where the name of the "ex" is now an embarrassment on the body!! Tattoos are even used to create permanent makeup, to line the lips or eyes, enhance the eyebrows or as a full permanent lipstick.
Since the latter part of the 20th century tattoos have experienced a rebirth in popularity. Pop culture being influential inspiring reality based TV shows covering real life tattooing practice and associated information. Tattoos as an art form started to be exhibited at art exhibitions with different artists work being shown and reviewed. Studies in 2006 revealed that 36% of Americans between the age of 18-64 had at least one tattoo. Today who knows by how much those figures will have risen.
In the west today tattoos are incredibly popular as a body art form. Gifted tattoo artists can adorn your body with any design you want. More and more tattoo parlours are popping up making it very easy to get tattooed. If you want to get tattooed but are not sure which design to go for, there is no quicker and easier way to find the design you want than to look on the internet.There are millions of illustrations for you to browse through so you'll have no trouble finding a design to suit your needs. You can browse, choose the design, save it and then print it and take it to your local tattooist, who will skillfully replicate the design on whatever part of your body you choose.
The most popular, and by far the best site on the net for tattoo designs is " Chopper Tattoo" they simply have the largest selection of award winning tattoo designs to choose from. Period. Once you become a Chopper Tattoo member you will have access to thousands of designs. When you have found your " perfect tattoo" you can click on the design, enlarge it and then print it. Chopper Tattoo also has a feature to help you find tattoo parlours near you. You can also customize any lettering in your tattoo by choosing from thousands of ideas.

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Chinese Tattoo Meanings

People are fascinated with Chinese designs because of their tattoo meanings. They use online dictionary, free download, or semi-experienced translators for Asian words. However, did you know that these are not reliable? It can turn your meanings to nonsense, hocus-pocus or a joke. Suppose you pick some cool looking Chinese symbols from a tattoo parlor, and assume that they mean 'loyalty'. However, you can't be sure if those symbols have the right meaning. Perhaps, they mean the 'heart' without the loyalty component. I am sure you don't want that. Chinese Tattoo Meanings have become very self expressive. Unfortunately, they are not all accurate. Mistakes galore. For the best results, you should hire a Chinese expert.
  1. Weird Meaning - Britney Spears' Tattoo - Britney Spears a flower with the Chinese character tattooed near her navel. She thought this symbol means 'mysterious'. Upon a close look, it is found that the actual meaning is 'weird'. Instead of being the mysterious charmer, the pop queen puzzles everyone as to why she wants to be 'weird'.
  2. Wrong Meanings - A Woman's Tattoo Tragedy - A woman got a Chinese tattoo with the meaning 'freedom'. She wants to show everyone her belief. Later she discovered that her Chinese characters actually mean 'free of charge'. What an embarrassment! Also, there are people who like to create their own Chinese tattoos. They combine the Chinese symbols 'power' and 'love' to create the phrase 'powerful love'. The result is not creative expression but ambiguity or wrong meaning. Why not consult an expert to get the right design?
  3. Great Meaning - Megan Fox, Chinese Symbol - Your Chinese tattoos should convey what is of value you. Some entertainment stars have chosen tattoos with great meanings. For instance, celebrity Megan Fox, Hollywood's hottest diva, has a Chinese symbol 'strength' tattooed on her neck. This meaning is very appropriate for her rising stardom. Megan Fox needs both the mental and physical strength to stay on top of Tinseltown.
  4. Philosophical Meaning - David Beckham, Chinese Saying - Great tattoo meanings are those with special Chinese sayings. I notice that people really like quotes or phrases that reveal truth. As Chinese tattoos become the cult, people are turning to Chinese experts for great quotes and ancient wisdom. Celebrity David Beckham has a tattoo with a great philosophical meaning. It is a Chinese proverb that reads "Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend on heaven." Media attention has been rampant. He is praised for being clever with ink designs.
  5. Best Meanings - Custom Tattoo by Chinese Expert - You can get the best tattoo meanings from a Chinese expert or professional. Get someone who is proficient at English Chinese translation. An expert is indispensable if you want tattoos with special phrases, custom sayings or cultural idioms. Did you know that many people are crazy for meaningful tattoos? Don't try to be the expert yourself. Stay away from free downloads and online dictionary. Avoid weird, wrong and funny tattoo meanings. Hire a professional.

Kanji Tattoo Designs

Kanji was originally invented by the Chinese and introduced to Japan. The Chinese character and Japanese character might look very similar, but they are NOT the same.
This ancient style of writing practiced mostly by Japanese people. It has become a popular form of tattoo with people seeking Japanese style tattoo designs. Those who choose to display a Kanji design are attracted to its complex beauty as well as individual meanings. Look of Kanji is very artistic and expressive.
The tattoos are ideographic characters, which means that each character represents a whole object, idea, or meaning they can tell a whole story instead of just representing a letter sound like the Western alphabet. Kanji's are a popular choice among anyone seeking Japanese style tattoo designs, in fact 1 in every 5 tattoos are of a Kanji style. With their style of characters, you can easily create and express nearly any meaning you want.

This traditional writing is very difficult to learn, due to the fact that there are over a thousand symbols in everyday writing, plus another thousand or so that are used just occasionally. Also the pronunciation of a symbol can change depending on the context in which it is presented. It is worthwhile and highly recommended to do research and educate you on the different forms of Japanese writing. Don't be fooled into thinking you can just look up a word in a kanji dictionary and expect it to translate accurately.
Be sure what you are getting means EXACTLY what you think it does!
Consult with an expert Japanese translator to translate and design the Japanese Kanji symbols for you. Because of the complexity of Kanji and also the fact the one word can mean two completely different things it is important that the Japanese translator understands the word you want translated. The Chinese symbol has a time span of 4000 years and a geography span across countries like China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It simply takes knowledge and expertise to do the translation well and with precise accuracy.
Ensure that you seek a professional tattoo artist that has a clear referenced of the actual design and a line drawing as the "blueprint" for the actual tattoo. When inking, your tattoo artist will use stencil outlines to trace the artwork onto your body. Stencil outlines are vital for inking as it can prevent tattooists from making mistakes while working.